Cowslip Sunday “wonderfully eccentric”

Posted April 7th, 2011 by russ and filed in Cowslip Sunday, Lambley Jack
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Lambley’s rejuvenated Cowslip Sunday celebrations are being talked about far and wide. A recent article on Wiltshire Rose, a website dedicated to all things English, describes Cowslip Sunday as “a wonderfully eccentric, English celebration of the return of the sun“.

Author Paul Wiltshire takes in a broad range of English history, from Alfred the Great to Trafalger and the blitz, before commenting on a number of unique festivals and celebrations held in the ancient area of Sherwood. These include May Day at Edwinstowe, May Pole Day at Wellow, and the Blue Riband at Ollerton.

On one point the organisers of Cowslip Sunday might take exception with Mr Wiltshire’s generous praise for Cowslip Sunday: he observes that on 1 May 2011 Lambley village will “offer a poignant public performance of Lambley Jack and the Giant of Ploughman Wood“.

I’ve read the script. I’ve been to the rehearsals. This play may be┬ámany things, but it certainly isn’t poignant!

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