Review of Cowslip Sunday 2011

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Our sister site, which provides regular news for Lambley and surrounding villages, published a brief report on the events of Cowslip Sunday 2011. You can see it here.  Below is a small selection of photographs of the Cowslip Procession and the one-time-only performance of this year’s cowslip play, Lambley Jack and the Giant of Ploughman Wood

Parading the Cowslip banner, created by local artist Donna Rumble-Smith, through the village. Lambley Jack (Fred Swan) leads the way.

Members of the audience were drafted in to help Lambley Jack and Ralph de Cromwell in their battle with Rotbeard

Confrontation between King Plumrocks and Rotbeard the Giant - can Cowslip Sunday be saved?

A large crowd turned out, despite the high winds, and enjoyed the single performance of this year's Lambley Jack Cowslip play

"I'm a fairy and I live in cowslips"

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